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Welcome to the Database of Historic Addressbooks

Historical address books are an important source for historians of different research areas as well as for family researchers. In this database, data sets transcribed by volunteer collaborators are made available, through a common database programme, for free-of-charge online queries.

In the menu on the left, New search leads you to a search mask, where you can enter a name (and other information) to search the entire database. You will be taken to a list of all address books in which that name appears. In a next step you can select the hit that interests you most, and you will be shown additional information on that person.

The menu point List of all books will give the place name, short title and year of all books in the database. For each book you can select "Further information on the book" (for bibliographical notes) or "All entries in the book".

Many address books cover multiple localities (e.g., county address books). The menu point List of all places shows all localities covered in the databank. For each locality you can select "All entries in this locality" to obtain a complete listing.